Thèmes de conférences avec l’Off OPS US (début 2012)

Au choix

a) Economics & politics :
Both global financial crisis and sovereign debts impact the U.S.A. too ; Congress demands budgetary cuts and President Obama”s administration implements (…).
What and how about the US Military ? More specifically : the U.S. Navy and more so, the USN in the Mediterranean area (seawise-shorewise).

b) North African and Arab revolutions and evolution :
North Africa and Middle East”s “arc of crisis” : Analysis, SitRep and prospects (focus on North Africa, Syria, Israel, Palestine, Cyprus and Turkey) based on your experience.
Dynamic antagonism between “Arab spring” or islamic radicalism foundering ? : an American approach (…).

c) Libya :
How do the Americans read/understand/feel about the 2011 “Harmattan” operations (Congress, Executive, media, …) ?
Your 6th Fleet Admiral”s point of view on the respective roles of both US and French armed forces during the 2011 operations in Libya.

d) Trafficking :
The American-led Maritime Illicit Trafficking Analysis (MITAC) center in Naples has been operating since 2010. This center being under the authority of the C.inC./6th Fleet, could you give us a feedback talk on the experience ?


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